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Stage Three: Seeking an Agent

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The Dustshoveller's Gazette: Stage Three: Seeking an Agent

Friday, 4 February 2011

Stage Three: Seeking an Agent

Last Friday I was contacted by the very reputable and well-known agent who had been so interested in the book in November.  Sadly, she has been overwhelmed by other work and thinks I would be better served by someone else.  She hasn't had time to read the stuff I've been trickling through since November, and thinks she would not do me justice given her current workload.  We hadn't signed an agreement.  I am a bit disappointed, but at least I know where I stand.  I am taking at face value her positive parting shot that I should have no problem finding another agent very quickly.  I still have the very short shortlist of agents to approach I had drawn up late last year, so am now aiming to send out a well-targeted submission to a select few around 21 Feb.  In the meantime I have polished up chapters 11 to 13 and sent them off to my trusty readers for comment.  Fingers crossed that by the end of this month I should have secured another agent...



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