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The Dustshoveller's Gazette: One Year On....

Monday, 8 August 2011

One Year On....

Hooray! This blog is celebrating its first birthday!

In the course of the last year I have completed my book, which found a great agent, who found me a great publisher, and as an added bonus I met lots of like-minded folk on Twitter. Thank you all for reading this blog or tweeting me with ideas and suggestions. If you're doing something similar yourself then here's a book I wish had been around when I started; it's been invaluable and I recommend it to anyone writing narrative non-fiction (or any other sort of book) that you'd like to make money from.  Harry Bingham, the author, really knows his stuff, is brutally realistic and unlike many other books on publishing for newbies, it's often hilariously funny.

Conflagration won't be published until the autumn of 2012, but who knows what the next year will bring...?



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